Conical Tanks

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Open top, cone bottom polyethylene tanks are designed for a variety of applications including mixing, settling, and storage of various solutions. The conical shaped bottom helps settle out solids and the addition of a bottom drain fitting allows for fast, complete drainage.  The cone bottom shape also aids in keeping solids in suspension by incorporating an optional mixer or re-circulating pump. The tank lip is designed with a flange to accept a ”shoebox” type lid.

The tanks are rugged, high-density polyethylene and are both impact and chemical resistant. 100% FDA approved materials are excellent for safe storage of food products. 

Tank Covers and Steel Tank Stands are available with or without agitator mounts and are designed for durability and easy content dispensing. 

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NameGallon CapacityPolyethyleneFiberglass PolyethylenePolypropyleneFiberglass Polypropylene
Conical Tanks5$50.71Call for Price$131.18Call for Price
Conical Tanks10$86.61Call for Price$153.07Call for Price
Conical Tanks15$98.44Call for Price$192.96Call for Price
Conical Tanks30$141.43Call for Price$298.27Call for Price
Conical Tanks55$224.07Call for Price$448.99Call for Price
Conical Tanks70$362.53Call for Price$598.54Call for Price
Conical Tanks100$475.62Call for Price$815.15Call for Price
Conical Tanks200$731.51Call for Price$1,233.56Call for Price
Conical Tanks275$1,001.81Call for Price$1,556.72Call for Price

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