Cylindrical Tanks

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Bulk storage open top cylindrical tanks are one piece molded and made of polyethylene or polypropylene material.  They come in light duty or heavy duty to withstand rugged service.  The material is ideal for handling acids and caustics. They have excellent chemical and impact resistance for long dependable service. Open Top Tanks allow convenient mixing and filling. They come in translucent for visible content level.  Other colors are available upon request.

Tank Covers and Steel Tank Stands are available with or without agitator mounts and are designed for durability and easy dispensing.

Gallon Search :
NameApprox Diameter X HeightGallon CapacityApprox Wall ThicknessNatural PolyethyleneFiberglass PolyethyleneColor PolyethyleneNatural PolypropyleneFiberglass Polypropylene
Cylindrical Tanks9 1/2 x 931/8"$29.40Call for Price$30.09$64.51Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks9 1/2 x 931/4"$39.06N/A$42.01N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks11 x 1451/8"$29.40Call for Price$32.33$83.45Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks11 x 1451/4"$39.06N/A$42.99N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks11 x 1661/8"$39.06Call for Price$42.20$88.18N/A
Cylindrical Tanks11 x 1661/4"$48.91N/A$53.63N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks12 1/2 x 16 1/27.51/8"$36.89Call for Price$40.83$93.71Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks12 1/2 x 16 1/27.51/4"$48.91N/A$54.84N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks13 1/2 X 20 1/2101/8"$48.91Call for Price$53.27N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks13 1/2 X 20 1/2101/4"$63.53Call for Price$70.63$117.57Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks15 x 21 1/2151/8"$56.03N/A$61.98N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks15 x 21 1/2151/4"$73.39Call for Price$82.45$168.09Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks18 x 16 1/2171/8"$70.79N/A$74.78N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks18 x 16 1/2171/4"$92.71Call for Price$102.76$176.16Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks18 x 28 1/2301/8"$85.45N/A$94.49N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks18 x 28 1/2301/4"$126.85Call for Price$139.69$234.76Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks22 1/2 x 34551/8"$109.88N/A$122.50N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks22 1/2 x 34551/4"$185.46Call for Price$204.36$345.64Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks22 x 40651/8"$183.05N/A$198.86N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks22 x 40651/4"$241.46Call for Price$263.73$528.11Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks22 x 48801/8"$243.84N/A$264.17N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks22 x 48801/4"$314.65Call for Price$345.05$721.05Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks26 3/4 X 46 1/41005/16"$414.68Call for Price$445.07$771.33Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks31 x 481505/16"$560.85Call for Price$602.76$822.03Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks36 x 482005/16"$622.03Call for Price$672.53$1156.80Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks36 3/4 x 59 3/42603/8"$682.34Call for Price$727.19$1346.70Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks42 x 482753/8"$755.95Call for Price$825.60$1422.78Call for Price
Cylindrical Tanks47 1/2 x 38 3/82753/8"$875.50Call for Price$952.75N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks48 x 483603/8"$1029.97Call for Price$1036.50N/AN/A
Cylindrical Tanks52 x 605003/8"$1434.99Call for Price$1452.76N/AN/A

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