Gallon Rectangular Tank

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#NameCapacity *DimensionsPriceImage
AD940760 Gallon Rectagular Tank6042L x 28W x 16H$ 263.57Show Image
AD9401100 Gallon Rectangular Tank10038 1/2 L x 26 1/2 W x 25H$ 434.12Show Image
AD9405150 Gallon Rectangular Tanks15046L X 30W X 29H$ 589.17Show Image
AD9406180 Gallon Rectangular Tank18053L X 36W X 26H$ 620.18Show Image
AD9404200 Gallon Rectangular Tank20048L X 30W X 38H$ 651.20Show Image
AD9403220 Gallon Rectangular Tank22048L X 30 1/2W X 37H$ 651.20Show Image
AD9402330 Gallon Rectangular Tank33050L X 43W X 38 1/2H$ 852.75Show Image
* In Gallon

This Tank Includes:

  • 1) 8 Manway
  • (1) Inlet, (1) Outlet and (1) Vent (Additional charge if you need more than 3 fittings)

If you need fittings installed on the tank:

  • A.Download our Fax Form (PDF)(You will need to have Adobe Reader to view our PDF’s. It only takes about 3 min. to download and install.
    Adobe Reader
    . If you dont want to install the Adobe Reader you can download our JPG fax form here.)
  • B. Illustrate where you would like your fittings/accessories installed.
  • C. Fax back to us at (714) 259-0136 (fax and contact information also included in the fax form)
  • D.We will contact you as soon as we receive your fax.
  • E.We will place your order as soon as we are both in understanding with where you need fittings/accessories installed.

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